TeamRock+ Feature / 31 Jul 2015

A Preacher, A Killer. Son House: King of the Delta blues

As a retrospective of his life opens in his adopted hometown of Rochester, New York, we examine the rediscovery and legacy of one of the most influential bluesmen of them all.

TeamRock+ Feature / 31 Jul 2015

The Black Keys can wait. Dan Auerbach has all this other sh*t to do..

With their drummer injured, Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach has recorded an album with his side-project, The Arcs – influenced by fake porn, female mariachis and teenage bike trips...

TeamRock+ Feature / 31 Jul 2015

Phil Collen: The Leppard Changing His Spots

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen enters the blues with new band, Delta Deep. Here he tells us about white privilege, the blues behind punk and the dangers of playing guitar with your teeth.

TeamRock+ Feature / 30 Jul 2015

Motor City Is Burning: How Unrest In Detroit Helped Build Motown

In 1967, there was chaos on the streets of Detroit. In this extract from his book Detroit ’67: The Year That Changed Soul, Stuart Cosgrove rings in a year that brought turmoil to Michigan…

TeamRock+ Feature / 30 Jul 2015

Rory Gallagher On The Road in ’72

On July 8, 1972, Melody Maker's Mark Plummer joined Rory Gallagher on the road in Kent and London. As this classic feature shows, RG’s reputation as a perfect bar buddy was well-deserved.

TeamRock+ Feature / 30 Jul 2015

Rory Gallagher: Pride Of A Nation

This year, the president of Ireland paid tribute to Rory Gallagher. As we remember his genius, here’s a look at why he’s a national treasure…

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